NFT Marketplace

NFT stands for Non-Fungible tokens. They are cryptographic assets with unique identification codes that cannot be replicated. It is a digital certificate of ownership or possession of an asset. Example: Digital Arts, Collectibles, Unique Videos, Artwork, Property Rights etc.

After successful foray into crypto currency exchanges, we are into the most advanced and secured technology. Built with ERC-721 & ERC-1155 token, NFT Marketplace will be launched in the Q2 2021 in the nft.amepay.io


AMEPOS has attractive subscription policies of its products. We have monthly and yearly pricing plans.

  • Monthly plan
  • Kiosk - $ 20
  • Premium - $ 59
  • Yearly plan
  • Kiosk - $ 200
  • Premium - $ 590

Kiosk plan helps to manage employees and accept payment of all types with report generation facility.

The Premium segment in addition to Kiosk features helps in marketing, online ordering and unlimited register licenses.

AMEPAY utility

The AMEPAY platform is highly flexible and is built to maximize utility. Merchants and users can customize the platform to match their individual use cases. Broadly, AMEPAY offers the varying stakeholders the following use cases.






Offline stores


By paying a very low fee on every transaction, merchants will gain access to cutting-edge infrastructure that is guaranteed to take their business to the next level. They can commence accepting payments in crypto and explore an incipient market demographic.

Furthermore, AMEPAY provides supplementary equipment such as POS devices, including scanners, swiping machines, etc., at a nominally-priced subscription plan. Additionally, merchants can further use the AMEPAY dashboard to review transaction data and to analyze user behavior to help predict emerging market trends.


All-in-One Solution

AMEPAY not only offers the payment software module but also provides the accompanying POS hardware infrastructure in addition to a robust cryptocurrency. The coalescence of these factors saves the merchants a considerable amount on expenses and additionally enables them to harness a highly scalable product


Low Fees

Unlike other payment solutions providers that levy a very high fee on consolidated transactions, AMEPAY charges a very nominal and minimal fee of just 1% on every transaction! This enables merchants to retain control of a large share of their hard-earned profits.


Crypto-to-Fiat Transactions

AMEPAY, along with the AME token, empowers the merchant to participate in the expanding and highly promising cryptocurrency economy. By offering the ability to execute instant crypto-to-fiat transactions, AMEPAY reassures, and further emboldens the merchant’s trust in cryptocurrency based transactions. Additionally, by utilizing cryptocurrency, the merchant can execute cross-border transactions at a fraction of the prevailing costs.


Inventory and Database Management

Another benefit derived by the merchant from the AMEPAY platform is the access to a versatile inventory and database management system. Backed by blockchain technology, AMEPAY’s inventory and database solutions provide the merchant with superior recordkeeping, immutable transaction records, and transparent data repository.


Customers will find that the utility of the AMEPAY platform is not limited to merchant interaction. They can also leverage the software and cryptocurrency to fulfill a variety of other transactions, including transferring funds to other users, cross-border payments, and much more.

AMEPAY also features a built-in loyalty program that rewards the user every time they employ the AME token. This way, the user can accumulate AME tokens over time, free of cost.


Access Global Marketplace

AMEPAY is an entirely decentralized platform and has plans to curate a global marketplace. This grants the user the opportunity to partake in international transactions at very affordable rates.



Another important use case that individuals can make use of is low-cost remittance. Users working overseas can send money back to their families in an inexpensive and secure manner. This enables them to preserve every penny of their hard-earned money and enrich their families back home with monetary assistance.


Rewards Program

AMEPAY boasts of an integrated rewards program. Wherein, every time the user settles a payment using the AME token at merchant stores, they are rewarded with assured cashback. This is a great way to accumulate AME tokens that can be then redeemed for a litany of goods or services.