AMEPAY Solution

AMEPAY will use the Ethereum blockchain to organize transactions and manage operations. This use of blockchain will ensure that every transaction will occur in a fast, secure, and transparent manner. The technology will also enable users to transfer funds and settle payments with external bodies, including banks, competitor digital wallets, and more, without encountering any problems.


AMEPAY Beneficiaries

AMEPAY takes everybody into account. Our holistic approach enables us to pass on benefits to all our esteemed stakeholders.



AMEPAY users enjoy the following benefits

  • An exciting loyalty program
  • Instant cashback
  • Easy access to global marketplace
  • Execution of payments in cryptocurrency of their choice
  • Exploration of liquidity through an integrated exchange platform

AMEPAY Merchants:

Merchants (or) Enterprises using AMEPAY enjoy the following benefits:

  • Exploration of digital marketplace
  • Complete POS solution
  • In-built Inventory management system
  • Simple and prompt crypto-to-fiat conversions
  • Protection against price volatility

Third-Party Affiliates:

Third-party aggregators can also make use of the AMEPAY infrastructure to enhance their capabilities. AMEPAY will benefit them in the following ways:

  • Hassle-free entry into the cryptocurrency sector
  • Earn regular revenue through commissions and transaction fees
  • Appeal to a niche, but sizable group of seasoned cryptocurrency users