Point-of-Sale (POS)

An end-to-end solution that encompasses software and hardware support. Merchants can utilize the AMEPAY platform to instantly digitize their enterprise and expand their business to a global audience. Additionally, this module offers auxiliary advantages in the form of affordable fees, informative data analytics, and inventory management amongst a score of other benefits that aid merchants immensely.


Cryptocurrency (AME Token)

The AME token powers online and offline merchant networks as well as support the common user. It possesses an integrated incentive program that encourages users to utilize it extensively. The AME token is built using the Ethereum-based ERC-20 protocol, and is packaged with an assortment of benefits.



In cryptocurrency-based transactions, the wallet plays a very vital role. The AMEPAY wallet sanctions users to securely store the private and public keys to the cryptocurrency assets in addition to supporting popular fiat currencies. By utilizing the interactive dashboard, the user will be able to track their account balance, transactions, spending patterns, and other important statistics.