Frequently Asked Questions

AMEPAY is a cryptocurrency-based payments alternative that is fast, convenient and secure. AMEPAY eliminates the complexity, high-costs and delays that are familiar to the present system and replaces it with a simple, affordable and quick network.
AMEPAY offers a variety of use cases to the user. They can use the AME token to settle payments, execute crypto-to-crypto or crypto-to-fiat transactions, transfer funds (domestic and international), track expenses, enjoy loyalty rewards, and achieve much more!
The AME token is the primary cryptocurrency on the AMEPAY platform. It is built using the Ethereum-based ERC-20 protocol and is programmed with a variety of use-cases. With this token, users will be able to execute payments and avail other services offered on the AMEPAY platform.
The AME token will be distributed as part of the AMEPAY IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). More details regarding the date, exchange, and other factors will be released shortly.
The total supply of the AME token is limited to 1,500,000,000 units. Of these 630,000,000 AME tokens will go on sale as part of the IEO, while the remaining has been earmarked for rewards, founder team, R&D, and more. Each AME token is priced at $0.02 cents.