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Why do we use blockchain and what are the advantages?

The AMEPAY project utilizes blockchain, and this is exactly the technology that allows us to make AMEPAY as convenient and comfortable to the end user.

AMEPAY is an upcoming payment solution provider that will harness the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to offer merchants and customers around the world a completely decentralized and optimized platform.

Our comprehensive solution will help merchants digitize their products and services while enabling users to enjoy efficient and instant payment transactions. An in-built loyalty program is implemented to further enhance the user experience.

As an established POS brand already powering 1500+ merchants, our goal in the short term is to extend our services to reach more than 1 million businesses in the South Asia region within the first year of launch.

Fast and totally transparent transactions, the ability to carry out anonymous payments make AMEPAY attractive to both buyers and sellers!

Buyers can make fast transactions; receive bonuses and privileges from sellers all while being able to track every transaction on the blockchain.