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Why Cryptoprojects Seek Getting Featured On Exchanges?

An exchange listing can boost a project’s popularity thanks to increased liquidity. This is called “the exchange effect”. At its core, the main metric of any cryptocurrency is how widespread it is.

The more widespread it is, the higher the coin’s market valuation. The more people are trading a coin, the more dynamic is its price action.

This is why when a coin gets featured on an exchange, it acquires a number of advantages:

It becomes more recognizable.
Its community expands.
It finds new investors.
Its trading volume increases.

Adding a coin to an exchange increases the demand, and the more exchanges feature the coin, the higher it's market valuation.

We are happy to see AME Token listed on more than one large exchange platform! Namely:


Getting listed on a new exchange always increases the coin’s liquidity and facilitates trading. We value the attention to our coin from both traders and the platforms that consider adding AME to their list of available currencies.