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Why Amepay is NOT a Hustle?

10 Reasons Why AMEPAY is NOT a Hustle. Rather, CONSISTENT.

1. NFT Market launch on AME (amepay.io)
2. Point Of Sale softwares for Retail Stores and Restaurants with
existing 2500 and counting customers. (Countries in focus - US,
Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Turkey, Qatar, Brunei).
3. Customers can use Ame tokens to pay in AMEPOS.
4. Multiple digital businesses.
5. AME Blockchain with 300,000 superfast transactions per second
(soon to be deployed).
6. Listed in 5 exchanges and to be listed on a top exchange soon.
(gate.io, MXC, bithumbglobal, BKEX.com, XT.com).
7. Attractive AMEPOS subscription policies. https://lnkd.in/gc4-HcD
8. Rigid Token circulation policies (250,000,000 means low supply
and high demand).
9. 20 % of AMEPOS subscription profit of a quarter will be used to
buyback tokens and burn them.
10. Attractive Staking policies with annualised returns.

We have already started to cross our limits and our subscribers count in a very short span of time is the standing proof.