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When Will Crypto Replace Fiat?

The AMEPAY team was one of the first to realize that in the next few years the economy, and along with it the financial system, will change. The transition to the digital economy will take place, and there will be no place for fiat or electronic money.

We have decided to create a decentralized economic system and introduce digital money of a new type. Our ecosystem is designed to work on a global scale. It has everything to make it viable:

  • Own token supporting the entire system;
  • Blockchain that underpins the technical side of the project and ensures total transparency;
  • Idea that enables business owners to achieve unprecedented success, and everyone else to earn money through a variety of beneficial options that we offer.

Today, while our project’s implementation is speeding up, we see that the European Union is only just considering the launch of its own digital currency system. By the way, the EU claims to launch a Universal Digital Currency by the end of 2021. Will the plans pan out? Time will tell.