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We are creating a universal digital currency for all countries!

Today, many can see: fiat is gradually going out of fashion. Millions of people all around the world are becoming more reliant on digital money. For example, in China, where the cashless economy is driven by technologies such as AliPay and WeChat Pay. We see neobanks springing up in Europe, USA and Brazil, and they are focused entirely on online service. In fact, fiat in its traditional form is not popular the way it used to be. Besides, the cryptocurrency gold rush of a few years ago kickstarted the decline in trust to the traditional monetary system and banks, while the pandemic further catalysed the process.

What does the token provide our users with?

AME token will serve the following purposes:

Fund Transfer: Users can settle transactions using the AME token

Cross-border Transactions: Users can transfer funds without incurring high costs

Loyalty Program: Users obtain AME tokens as rewards with usage.

The AMEPAY team is dedicated to offering a decentralized and global cryptocurrency-based solution that aligns with the digital lifestyle of our esteemed customers.