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Another evidence that we at AMEPAY focus on sustainability to stand in the business long run is Staking. When the whole world is bothered about the environmental impact caused by crunching complex math problems, we are halfway through the alternate.

Staking is used in networks with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithms. It fully replaces mining, allowing new blocks to be minted and transactions to be verified without using too much processing power.

Here is how it works: users stake some amount of their coins, which are then used to ensure the network validates its transactions correctly. While the coins are staked, they can’t be spent, but they generate yield, rewarding the staker. Staking is, in some way, similar to a fixed-term bank deposit - you lock your funds in your wallet and enjoy returns later.

Users prove their trustworthiness by staking away tokens. This acts both as a motivator and security mechanism. AMEPAY staking is categorized as Basic and VIP.

Basic Staking will yield 50% APR but locking period is 4 months so you will get 16.66% ROI after 4 months.

VIP Staking will yield 100% APR but locking period is 15 months so you will get 125% ROI after 15 months.