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​Should You Invest In NFTs?

NFTs represent scarce digital content as tokens, which are driving a new wave of crypto adoption. Thanks to the Ethereum blockchain, artists, game companies, and content creators, we are witnessing a new trend storming the cryptocurrency community. But should you invest in NFTs — is there any more upside left? We believe the answer is yes, and here is why:

The gaming industry will help NFTs grow further. It will incorporate more and more NFTs into games. For example, in the future, games such as World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike, or Monster Hunter will end up using NFTs.

Graphic designers and 3D designers will find new platforms to showcase their work, with marketplaces like SuperRare enabling sales of exclusive digital art.

With Bitcoin and Ethereum reaching all-time highs and investors looking for new places to invest their capital, crypto art looks like an attractive option.

Hoard is about to launch its solution that allows users to assign value to their non-fungible assets, and then use them as collateral in credit protocols that accept NFTs. This will boost their adoption rate, make them easier to use, and most importantly —  profitable.

What do you think the future holds for NFTs? Share your opinion in the comments!