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How fast can cryptocurrencies be?

How often do you make money transfers? Do you use bank transfers or digital money for that purpose? We have decided to compare the speeds between different types of transfers, including cryptocurrencies, and you can read all about our findings in this post!

Bank transfer.
The most common way of sending money to someone. We won’t talk about commission fees for now, and focus on the actual transfer speed — and it’s high if it is within the same bank, but when you send that to a different bank, it takes anywhere from 3 to 5 bank days.

Postal order.
The oldest way of sending money. You only need an ID to make a transfer. It is available to almost everyone, but it can take up to 10 days to go through.

Transfer through a payment processor.
The likes of Western Union, Moneygram and other similar services have been popular for more than a hundred years now. Money usually comes through in a matter of a few hours.

Digital money transfers.
The main advantage is that you can send money without leaving your house, and the transfer comes through within minutes.

Cryptocurrencies stand out with their blazing speeds. High speed and simplicity are the things that make crypto shine through! This is exactly why we are making a cryptocurrency project — we are certain that future belongs to crypto!