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How does it work? Case study

The AMEPAY platform is highly flexible and is built to maximize utility. Merchants and users can customize the platform to match their individual use cases. Broadly, AMEPAY offers the varying stakeholders the following use cases.


For this user category we set a pretty low transaction fee of just 1%. It makes purchasing goods and services beneficial and convenient for potential customers. AMEPAY toolbar allows merchants to analyze customer activity, develop a successful development strategy based on the data and bring their businesses to the next level. Furthermore, AMEPAY provides supplementary equipment such as POS devices, including scanners, swiping machines etc., at a nominally-priced subscription plan.

We offer a package solution. All-in-One Solution AMEPAY not only offers the payment software module but also provides the accompanying POS hardware infrastructure in addition to a robust cryptocurrency.

Merchants benefit from conducting transactions in AME as they are secure and instant. Additionally, by utilizing cryptocurrency, the merchant can execute cross-border transactions at a fraction of the prevailing costs.

AMEPAY merchant users can also use our system of data storage. The blockchain technology we utilize in our project makes it secure and transparent.


Customers will find that the utility of the AMEPAY platform is not limited to merchant interaction. They can also leverage the software and cryptocurrency to fulfill a variety of other transactions, including transferring funds to other users, cross-border payments and much more.

AMEPAY also features a built-in loyalty program that rewards the user every time they employ the AME token. This way, the user can accumulate AME tokens over time, free of cost.

We also offer our users international money transfers. No more insane transfer fees to send money to your family. We make it affordable! A low fee and secure money transfer mechanism is one of our platform’s advantages.

And that is not all! We also offer cashback. It’s a reward program for paying in AME tokens: we return users a portion of what they spend in our digital currency. This is a great way to accumulate AME tokens that can be then redeemed for a litany of goods or services.

AMEPAY – make profit with us!