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Fiat – Out, Cryptocurrencies – In

Digital currencies are the future. The AMEPAY project team realized this long before entire countries started thinking about creating their own digital currencies. Once our project came to be, we began building our own digital currency, and what do we have now? In an effort to make up for wasted time, whole countries are rushing to create national cryptocurrencies!

This way the European Union has expressed its intent to create an EU cryptocoin that will guarantee that citizens will continue using money from the central bank, even when cash goes out of fashion.

It has become known that the French central bank is planning to run a pilot of its own national digital currency.

What is the natural conclusion? Today governments understand: the fourth industrial revolution is coming and the economic system will also change – fiat will fall out of existence. Time will tell whether or not national cryptocurrencies will be in demand, but such currencies won’t be decentralized, that’s for certain. Lest we forget that decentralization is the primary advantage of any cryptocurrency.