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A few things about the financial market today: how can AMEPAY transform it?

Modern technology has made the financial market fast and highly efficient. However, it is not without its flaws, and fundamentally it has been the same for a few hundreds of years. Today using cryptocurrency on the market is not easy: buying, exchanging, storing and using coins can be a challenging task to most users, and this is the primary reason that digital asset adoption is lagging! Want to use cryptocurrency? Download a digital wallet, register on an exchange, pass the KYC procedure, and buy the coins (that can go down due to its high volatility)… it’s not worth the hassle for the average user.

AMEPAY is set on reforming the market! We are creating a service that will make using cryptocurrencies simple and convenient – you won’t have to worry if the place you shop at accepts crypto or if the value of your coins has dropped in the last few minutes – shopping becomes fast and simple with AMEPAY. We will keep all the benefits of crypto: fast transactions, anonymity, ability to track payments, etc.

AMEPAY stands for simple solutions! We want to make cutting-edge tech user-friendly and accessible to a wide audience!