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FAQ: Answering Your Most Frequently Asked Questions Again!

What is our mission?

AMEPAY is on an expedition to innovate the digital payments landscape by assuming a consumer and business-centric approach. Our efforts will be supplemented by a blockchain-backed platform and dedicated cryptocurrency. This will offer our users a decentralized marketplace, where they can execute payments easily without compromising their security or incurring additional costs.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile, how will you achieve a stable price for AME tokens?

To tackle this issue, AMEPAY will maintain a healthy reserve of AME tokens as well as other crypto and fiat currencies. This will ensure that the AME token responds well to market demand and supply, as well as offers the participants enhanced liquidity.

How do you guarantee transaction safety, and will there be an option to transfer money to organizations and not just members of your system?

AMEPAY will use the Ethereum blockchain to organize transactions and manage operations. This use of blockchain will ensure that every transaction will occur in a fast, secure and transparent manner. This technology will also enable users to transfer funds and settle payments with external bodies, including banks, competitor digital wallets and more without encountering any problems.