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Digitalizing The World

One of the main characteristics of the decentralized financial ecosystem we are building at AMEPAY is that material assets will be translated into their digital counterparts. This means that assets of any merchant anywhere in the world can be digitized. This will allow the economy to fully transition into the digital realm. Transparent deals: minimal commission fees, convenient instant transactions, no middlemen.

Convenient? Indeed. What’s more interesting is that transnational corporations are going the same route. For example, Nike has patented an Ethereum-based footwear tokenization system for its verification and sales.

Nike wants to assign unique identifiers and issue ERC721 or ERC1155 tokens for some sneaker models. Buyers will be able to unlock these tokens by linking them to the shoes they have bought, proving their ownership. Apart from the digital ownership rights, tokens will also allow storing data about the product, including its features, colours and styles.

The CryptoKick system will allow clients to gain control over their shoes and their design. For example, an owner will have the power to limit the number of exact copies of their shoes that can be manufactured.

The same approach to the digitalization of goods, but on a global scale, is the goal of AMEPAY, and we invite you to join our project!