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Digital Revolution is coming

Digital revolution is already on its way. Let’s take a look back: computerization and the rapid development of the Internet have changed the people’s mindset and their perception of the IT sector. People have since realized that working and making a living in the digital space is easy. At this point, the digital revolution is far from over – it is still going. The Internet market is ready to implement new digital tech such as blockchain. It guarantees true decentralization and liberty, justice and security.

There are many skeptics who spell that blockchain and digital currencies are soon to decline. This is purely subjective, and we’ll leave it at that. The AMEPAY project team will not back down from its claim that the spread of computers and portable devices can’t be reversed, that the Internet can’t be cancelled, just like the evolution of the digital economy.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the final ingredients to the digital evolution that will help usher the natural transformation to a real digital economy. With every new project that builds upon the ideas of the previous generations, we are growing closer to global peace, global justice and global security, where fair work always results in fair pay, no matter the country, social status, gender or background.