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Cryptocurrencies around the world

We believe that cryptocurrencies are the next step in the development of the financial system. To find proof of how popular cryptocurrency really is, one doesn’t have to look too far! A recent study by Chainalysis, a crypto analytics company, has shown that Ukrainians and Russians are the most active cryptocurrency users in the world. Leading the list is: Ukraine with its first place, Russia comes second, Venezuela – third. The top-10 countries when it comes to cryptocurrency activity are China, Kenya, the US, South Africa, Nigeria, Colombia and Vietnam. To make the study as objective as possible, researchers looked at population size, the country’s economic performance, as well as the amount of digital assets transacted per capita;
cryptocurrency holdings;
retail and p2p transactions worth over $10,000, calculated against purchasing power parity.
You may have guessed it already, but Afghanistan, Algeria, Cape Verde, Chad, Fiji, Laos, Libya, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, The West Bank, Gaza Strip and Zimbabwe were awarded with zero points.
We hope that our project will be able to boost cryptocurrency development even further and help countries at the bottom of the list to adopt digital assets sooner!