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Cryptojacking is the process of installing a malware on user’s device to utilize the resources in the background to mine cryptocurrency. The illegal process once prevailed in the market but was not rising till the end of 2020. The current rise is to exploit the recent surge in the cryptocurrency industry.

As per Kaspersky, 432,171 users encountered miners in their devices. 23,894 new unique modifications have been reported in the 1st quarter of 2021. Unique modifications are changes done in a miner’s code to mine new crypto. Mining farms provided the resources needed which ultimately led to less dependency on miner software.

Security and tech firms were actively tracking the malware and stopped them from attacking devices. Cryptojacking slows down your device, unusual heating up (might catch fire), steals data, or even spy on you.

This can be avoided by not clicking on unwanted links, e-mails, messages, websites, etc. So, protect your devices from cryptojacking. We feel it’s our bound duty to create awareness about the deceptions that could harm our users.