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Aussies prefer crypto investment

Jonathan Miller, the Australian managing director for Kraken, said that “We’re confident that as more investors look to diversify their portfolios and seek investment opportunities outside of the traditional offerings, we’ll see cryptocurrency come into its own in APAC.”

Crypto industry is preferred over real estate in Australia. This is the result of increasing awareness and education on crypto and we are sure this would lead to more investors turning towards the country.
As per Kraken’s report, 25% of Aussies prefer crypto for storing money over cash.

It also said 40% of the surveyed preferred crypto as great alternate investment to owning a property. The report also says more than half of the millennials prefer crypto over traditional currencies.

With AMEPAY already having a strong foothold in Australia, we have a wonderful way ahead to progress. We progress not just by listing in exchanges. We are committed towards innovation and revolution. AMEPAY is in the process of linking cryptocurrency to the retail industry.