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AMEPAY & it’s presence in Business

Modern business is all about the skill of implementing new and effective development tools. Now, when the world is beginning to rely on digital technologies (cryptocurrencies, blockchain, etc.), every business owner is looking for an opportunity to acquire such tools.

AMEPAY uses AME Token as primary payment in AMEPOS – Restaurant & Retail Software & in AMEPAY NFT Marketplace. These will harness the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to offer merchants around the world a completely decentralized and optimized platform.

Our comprehensive solution will help merchants digitize their products and services while enabling users to enjoy efficient and instant payment transactions. An in-built loyalty program is implemented to further enhance the user experience.

The enterprise-oriented offering we provide consisting of blockchain-enabled POS software and hardware solutions offer merchants unparalleled advantage and enable them to accept crypto-to-fiat payments easily.

We are changing the traditional business processes and providing every merchant with the means to implement cutting-edge digital technologies anywhere in the world!