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AMEPAY & it’s NFT Marketplace

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that can be used to buy and sell things anywhere in the world. Many economists predict it to be the future of currency. In fact, developed economies like the US, Canada, UK, and European Union are on the verge of legalizing the cryptocurrencies.

The report says India has 15 million crypto users with around 10,000 crore investments in the field. It has turned into an investment tool from mere cryptocurrency. As experts say, though there is some sluggishness in the industry due to global regulatory crackdown, the boom of the industry is inevitable.

Since India is a young country and has a tech-savvy population, we will have more people leveraging Blockchain technology if we have a firm regulation on the cryptocurrency industry. The industry saw a rise in investments after the Supreme Court quashed the ban on banks facilitating crypto trades.

AMEPAY, on the other hand, is steady and focused on developing a strong utility-based cryptocurrency. The other talk of the town in the crypto industry is the “NFT Marketplace”. AMEPAY NFT launched its NFT Marketplace to strengthen the pillar of AMEPAY. The platform has “AME tokens” as a prime mode of payment settlement. ETH can also be used to trade tokens in AMEPAY NFT.