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Another evidence that we at AMEPAY focus on sustainability to stand in the business long run. When the whole world is bothered about the environmental impact caused by crunching complex math problems, we are halfway through the alternate. 

The issue came into the limelight when Elon Musk tweeted about it. He mentioned the use of fossil fuels for mining. The proof of work protocol, which requires extra energy is the reason behind it. Experts say that alternate to “Proof of work” is “Proof of stake”. 

Well, AMEPAY is already on it. Currently, we are running “Season 2” of staking after a successful “Season 1” stint. What we offer: Stake for 12 months and get 100% annualized returns. Yes, with no environmental impact AMEPAY’s focus on staking from the start is the proof of being versatile. 

Users prove their trustworthiness by staking away tokens. This acts both as a motivator and security mechanism. AMEPAY staking is categorized as Gold and Diamond.