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AMEPAY is International Project

showing interest in. We have already talked about how we have created Telegram chats for our users’ convenience, and today we would like to break the good news! The number of chats has increased, and now the list of chats where you can discuss our project looks like this:

AMEPAY Philippines https://t.me/amepay_ph
AMEPAY Indonesia https://t.me/amepayindonesian
AMEPAY Turkish https://t.me/amepay_turish
AMEPAY Vietnam https://t.me/amepay_vietnam
AMEPAY Bangladesh https://t.me/AMEpayBangladesh
AMEPAY Russia https://t.me/amepay_russia
AMEPAY Malaysia https://t.me/amepay_my
AMEPAY Arabic https://t.me/arabic_Amepay
AMEPAY France - https://t.me/amepay_france
AMEPAY Spanish - https://t.me/amepay_spanish
AMEPAY Japan - https://t.me/amepay_japan
AMEPAY Korea - https://t.me/AmepayKorea

Join the chat in your language, find out about the latest news firsthand, and ask questions to learn more about our project!

You can always find the latest information about AMEPAY on our website at https://amepay.io/