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AMEPAY is on an expedition to innovate the digital payments landscape


AMEPAY uses AME token, which is developed using the Ethereum-based ERC-20 protocol. This token functions as the primary medium of payment settlement and fund transfer on the platform. AME tokens will be offered as cashbacks in AMEPAY’s incentive program that enables Merchants & Customers to earn rewards on every transaction.


The next critical technology in AMEPAY’s armoury is the digital wallet. This wallet supports both crypto and fiat currency. It enables users to store their private and public keys securely. It also arrives with dedicated dashboards for Customers and Merchants, allowing them to manage their accounts efficiently

Payment Gateway

Another key component is the AMEPAY online payment gateway. Merchants can use this offering to digitize their store and begin accepting payments in cryptocurrency. It will support a range of approved crypto and fiat currencies. The POS support is also included here, where AMEPAY will deliver POS hardware and software solutions to benefit small and medium- sized businesses.

Digitalization is inevitable, and the AMEPAY project is at the forefront of the new global economy as we keep building the new decentralized economic system. For us, creating a decentralized AMEPAY ecosystem with our own digital currency, AME – is an investment into the future economic system that people from all over the world will get to enjoy!