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AME token – The main payment medium

As we have already mentioned in the previous posts, AME – our token – will be the main payment medium in the AMEPAY project ecosystem.

Today we will tell you what it can be used for and why we turned to blockchain to build it. The AME token can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

▶ B2B fund transfers

▶ B2C fund transfers

▶ C2C fund transfers

▶ Cross-border transactions

▶ Loyalty program

▶ Capital appreciation

▶ Trading

In respect to blockchain, we believe that today a technology more reliable than this simply doesn’t exist.

AMEPAY utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to store data and organize operations. Blockchain technology will help meet a variety of data requirements and store them in a decentralized, transparent and append only format.

▶ Storage of customer and merchant financial records

▶ Storage of KYC details

▶ Customer and merchant private data

▶ Merchant inventory details

▶ Cross-border transaction details

▶ Cryptocurrency and fiat currency data

▶ Tokenization of assets

We are doing everything in our power to make sure that for our users, cryptocurrency transactions are convenient, secure and beneficial.