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AME Token buy back program

AME Token is a native token created to support the functions of Amepay. AME Token will be the fuel for our platform. We want to remind you that AMEPAY will guarantee the price of the token. “Law of demand” states that if more people want to buy something, given a limited supply, the price will be bid higher.

We at AMEPAY are committed to improving our product and sustainability in the market. As a step towards consistency, and attribution towards Law of demand, we have decided to spend 20% of the QOQ Profits of the Subscriptions of AMEPOS to Buyback AME tokens and Burn them. Yes, you heard it right. This will create a strong foothold for our business in the market with steady growth.

This means the current buyback program entitles token holders to sell their AME back to the company at a 20% higher price!
This program safeguards our token holders with additional guarantees!