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2020: The Year of Changes

It would be naive to deny that 2020 was a difficult year for all of us. It brought many changes that affected all walks of life. Every business and entire national economies were given a rough stress test, revealing an underlying crisis of fiat money and its opaque methods of distribution.

The AMEPAY team has known for years that the existing economy structure has to be reformed, or digitalized, to be exact. However, we couldn’t have thought that out of all things it would be a pandemic that kicked the entire process into high gear all over the world.

With that said, it feels good to realize that we are the pioneers, we were among the first ones to realize that the world needs a new ecosystem that can work from anywhere in the world, a new currency — and a digital one. The good news is: we have it right here, and it is already operational! Our AME token is already in use!

AMEPAY is a cryptocurrency-based payment alternative that is fast, convenient, and secure. AMEPAY eliminates the complexity, high costs and delays that are ubiquitous in the existing system, replacing it with a simple, affordable, and quicker solution. It is a transparent and decentralized payment ecosystem which is projected to be the primary payment mode of the century.