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18 Countries Announced Their Own Cryptocurrencies

AME is a digital currency of a new economy system by the AMEPAY project that people from all over the world will be able to enjoy. We create more than just digital coins to be used within the project, we are building a payment medium that can be used any place in the world.

Perhaps this sounds like a fantasy, but we are already building a coin that will be used on par with such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and Ethereum. We suggest everyone join us while other countries are only just beginning their attempts to create national cryptocurrencies!

Governments are really trying to build their own national digital money. A recent research by The Block has shown that central banks in 18 countries had announced their plans for developing virtual money at the beginning of the year. Some have already launched theirs, namely, Venezuela.

What does that tell us? National authorities are gradually arriving at the conclusion that in time, the world will belong to digital currencies.

In the meantime we continue our commitment to the idea that the world needs a decentralized currency that will allow every participant of the new economic system to earn money.

Learn more about the project’s decentralized currency – AMEPAY: